REbecca Oldfield

Rebecca Oldfield Raising.jpg

Rebecca is a designer, jeweller and silversmith based in Cardiff, South Wales.

A Bishopsland Educational Trust Fellow and Cardiff School of Art Graduate she creates unique and functional pieces of silverware as well as bespoke items of jewellery using silver, gold, diamonds and gemstones. 


Inspired by a process of material exploration and experimentation, styles and objects from the past and structures and patterns found within micrographic imagery she creates her pieces, combining both traditional methods and modern technologies.

Rebecca utilises her background in applied art and 3D design to fashion her tools for both texture and purpose. For her larger works Rebecca creates wooden masters for her forms.

Her larger works generally feature contrast polishing and large display hallmarks. Incorporating the hallmarks into her designs at the beginning and are often on display as either decoration or on her boxes for alignment.

The ways in which Rebecca’s work ensure that no two pieces are ever identical including her 3D printed pieces.

Rebecca recycles materials where possible, all diamonds and precious gemstones used in her work are ethically sourced and designs created in precious metals comply with the British hallmarking regulations.